"A painting should call to you... with an irresistible voice"

Own an Original Painting by Stephen Martyn

Watercolour, oils, ink, pen and wash

The thrill of owning an original work of art is something that has attracted people for centuries. There is just something about seeing a piece of art on your wall and thinking of all the work and craftsmanship that has gone into it. The hours of practice, the pile of ones that were not quite good enough, the moment when the artist thought "yes, it's working!"

Because I care about my paintings and the clients who buy them I don't sell my original work in an on-line shop. I want you to see the work, to experience it and be completely happy with it before you part with your money. Generally, this will involve coming to my studio in West Norfolk, or to an exhibition in which I'm taking part. However, that isn't always possible and if you are some distance away or overseas I can send high quality images of the painting to you before shipping it. Sometimes I sell my paintings through carefully selected galleries. I am currently showing a small selection of my work at a new gallery, the Garage Studio in the Norfolk village of Ringstead. Do have a look if you're in the area.

What do I paint? Anything that inspires me at the time, wherever I am. Of course there are plenty of Norfolk scenes, both North Norfolk coast and the Norfolk landscape. But I also paint in towns and cities, often in countries that I'm visiting, such as the USA, Australia, India, and Europe. Then there's the wonderful landscape of the North of England, with the Pennines and the Lake District. And more - whatever sparks my creativity at the time.

The price that I charge for my original paintings varies depending on the size of the work, and on the medium. As a guide, small watercolours cost from around 100. Medium size watercolours and oils are from 250 - 500. Large paintings may cost up to 1000. All prices are in British pounds.

If you feel one of my original artworks is for you, please contact me to discuss your requirements. I do realise that it is not always possible to see the original work before buying, particularly if you are overseas. In that instance I offer the guarantee that if you are not happy with the work when you receive it, just return it in good condition and I will refund you in full. I ship my paintings all over the world, so don't hestitate to get in touch.

Painting of Early Morning Market, Agra, India

Original Paintings

Of Norfolk and beyond

Norfolk landscapes, coastal views, towns and cities. Paintings of landscapes in the USA, China, India, Australia, Europe. Watercolour, pen and wash, oils.

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