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Tips and hints on watercolour, drawing, and sketching

I am happy to share my experience of painting with other artists of all abilities. Yes of course I have to make a charge for tuition, demonstrations etc but I also believe that not all knowledge should need to be paid for. So, I have put together some watercolour and sketching articles which I hope you will find useful. They are available here, free, just download the PDFs and print them if you wish. I should say that these articles are free for your own personal use only, I retain the copyright of them and they must not be sold to anyone, or reproduced, without my express permission.

Sketching and Drawing the Landscape

An article to encourage you to get out with a sketchbook and pencil, and draw a simple landscape subject. Download PDF here

Sketching and Drawing Trees

You're never far from a tree, at least not in Britain, and they make excellent sketching subjects. Here are a few useful techniques. Download PDF here

A Three-in-one Sky

A big watercolour sky shows off the medium to its best. Here I demonstrate a watercolour sky that can be tackled in three stages and at the end of any one of them you'll have a great basis for a landscape subject. Download PDF here

More articles coming soon

A pen and wash painting of Cley Windmill, Norfolk

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