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Art Workshops

Focussed painting and drawing tuition

What is an art or painting workshop? I like to think of it as a place where you can get some serious work in on your painting technique, guided by a sympathetic teacher. Most commonly, workshops are one day or half day events, and can be in any of the media in which I teach, watercolour, pen and wash, drawing media, or oils. By far the most common are watercolour workshops, as this is a very popular painting medium.

At one of my art workshops we will probably begin by making a painting together, step by step. I will demonstrate and give help and guidance throughout. I will show you composition and design, handling the paint, mixing colours, and making a mark with the brush. Later, if time permits, you will have an opportunity to work on your own subject and I will offer advice and encouragement, both in a group situation and one to one.

Tuition workshops can take place at your own venue, or small groups can come here to the studio. The maximum number of participants that I would suggest is twenty, but around a dozen gives more opportunity for one to one help. The cost of the workshop depends on the length of it, the number of participants, and any travelling. You can find more information about costs here.

What happens if a workshop is more than just a one off event? Then it becomes a course.

Stephen Martyn discusses watercolour with students at a painting workshop

Art Tuition Workshops

Immerse yourself in art

A weekend, one day, or half a day, a workshop with me will help you achieve your goals as an artist.

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